Wear A Mask, Save Your Skin

Face masks are not only fun to do for a little treat at the end of a long day they are also great for addressing primary skin concerns. Masks are great for hydrating, removing excess oils and impurities from the skin as well as smoothing out the appearance of large pores. Bliss Beauty Bar is proud to carry Glo Skin Beauty, this PETA approved clean beauty line has all the essential products work with your unique skincare needs. Our Esthetician Kaitlyn, can come up with a personalized skin care prescription to transform your skin and make you look and feel your authentic best!

The Bliss Babes love pampering their skin!

  1. “One of those things I’ve been focusing on over the quarantine is my skincare routine! With summer right around the corner and because I’ve only put makeup on maybe twice in the last month I really wanted to get my skin looking good and feel more confident without any makeup on! I’ve been doing fave masks a few times a week and I love how relaxing it is and how my skin looks afterward” -Blake
  2. “So I didn’t have a full facemask, but I love these eye patches from Patchology! The serum is good for all your troubled areas and is a good way to give you oil free hydration.” -Carlie
  3. “During this time off I have had time to really nail down my skincare routine. I have done more masks in the last 42 days then I have in the last 6 months. My daughter Jade loves to join in the fun as well and wear a matching mask with me!” -Sarah
  4. Audra
  5. “This quarantine has been full of pampering my face, skin, and hair. Picking the right face mask all depends on what your experiencing. Dryness? Grab something with Avocado or Oatmeal. Oily skin got you down? Tea Tree or salicylic acid may be your aid. I suffer from impurities due to makeup and environmental pollution, so I love @blaq.mask activated charcoal peel off mask. It’s 100% cruelty free but be prepared to wince ever so slightly as you remove- beauty is pain (but say bye bye to stubborn blackheads.” -Hannah
  6. “Usually the direction on the bottle say something like “rinse off in 10-15 minutes”…well I can assure you this mask was on for about 3 hours…..or at least it started flaking off on my robe.” -Hunter
  7. “An at home facial mask is the perfect 10 minute refresh for yourself! You can use it as “me time” your skin will be renewed. It’s perfect before bedtime!” -Katie
  8. Kelly
  9. Mindy
  10. Kailyn
  11. “This clay mask brightens and refines my skin and the best part is, it’s PURPLE!” -Kaitlyn

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