How To Care For Your New Mermaid Hair……

So you wanted to be a Mermaid……….and your dreams of pastel bliss or vibrant rainbow explosion came true now what do you do to maintain that color wheel masterpiece? As your stylist should have told you these Direct Dye colors are beautiful but they won’t last long. To explain it in the easiest way these colors sit on the outside of the cuticle of your hair and create a “stain” on the hair that will gradually get lighter with each shampoo you do, which is a great thing if you want to try some fun new colors out……….then when your Mermaid phase is over and you need to “get back on land” its an easy transition! One of our very own in house Redken educators Kelly Brewer suggests using Redken Genius wash and Redken Two-Day extended to longevity, and keep that Mermaid hair in port and out of chlorine in salt water to prevent stripping the color. If your stylist has to pre-lighten those locks before applying your vibrant colors be sure ask them to add Redken’s pH bonder to protect the bonds in your hair and prevent breakage during your chemical service. Kelly also recommends using the pH bonder post service protector at home to help maintain your hair’s natural PH balance. Be sure to check out our video below 👇👇👇👇👇

Blog Mermaid Video

All pictures in this video were created by the very talented stylist at Bliss Beauty Bar (Talisa Berthiaume, kelly Brewer, and Heather King).

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