Bliss Babes Love Our Pets

*Check out the bottom of the article for our own pet names!

It’s no secret that us Bliss Babes love our fur babies! In fact all of us have a pet! Pets are great stress relivers and have made the stay at home order a little easier to endure! With social distancing guidelines in place we have all been spending a lot more time with not only our loved ones but our pets too. They can offer some comfort and relief in these stressful times with their innocence, constant love, and affection. During the pandemic animal shelters saw a spike in pet adoptions in fact some shelters are near empty which is amazing news that these pets are finding forever homes! If you are looking for a new pet during the remainder of this stay at home order contact your local pet adoption center here are a few of our local resources in Missouri:

St. Charles County https://www.sccmo.org/828/Available-Pets

St. Louis County https://stlouisco.com/Health-and-Wellness/Animal-Care-Control/Adoptable-Pets

These are our Bliss Babes with their own fur babies!

  1. Blakes Dog Koda
  2. Carlie’s cat Jasper
  3. Hunters dog’s Duke and Daisy
  4. Katie’s dog Lexi (she also has another dog Andy)
  5. Kelly’s dog Diesel AKA Diesel Dean
  6. My dog (Sarah) Ariel we also have 2 fish
  7. Audra’s dog Minnie
  8. Kailyn’s dogs Bentley and Luke
  9. Sam’s dog Benny
  10. Heathers dog Macy
  11. Makayla’s dog Bella
  12. Makenzie’s cat Bella

Learn more about our team here: https://www.blissbeautybarstl.com/our-team

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  1. Love this post. Also love my grand dog Ariel Sarah Lakes dog.

    1. sarahlake says:

      Thanks mom we love you too!

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