Balayage • Ba·lay⋅age •noun

The evolution of the blonding process

So you want to be a Blonde Bombshell………Ready…….Set……….Go!
You’ve picked the perfect decade! In the past ten years the lightening technique called “balayage” or hand painted highlights, has evolved and exploded in the cosmetology industry. Balayage, French in origin meaning sweeping, has been a technique since the late 80’s. However, in recent years celebrities and social media platforms have exploded with this method deeming it “The most natural looking form of highlights”.

So what’s the difference between a Balayage and traditional highlights? When using a foil to highlight the hair, each strand is fully saturated with product to the root giving a uniform systematic pattern.  Balayage on the other hand is a hand-painted technique within the natural fall of the hair. It can be placed where brightening is needed, such as around the face, or towards the nape. The best thing about balayage is there should be no lines of demarcation alleviating the harsh look of regrowth to keep you looking stunning until your next appointment! Don’t get me wrong, highlights are still the workhorse of the lightening process and can absolutely be done in a beautiful fashion! Still, painting by numbers is not as fun as painting on a blank canvas. Keep in mind that Balayage technique can be used on any color of hair not just blondes! It can create dimension using soft caramels on the bored brunette. Balayage typically offers less maintance as well and can easily be “refreshed” in-between visits with a color gloss!

Christine Bess specializes in creating dimension and movement using Balayage with a seamless finish! Christine, one of Bliss Beauty Bar’s very own stylist’s, has a passion for her profession and creating the perfect look tailored for each individual guest. Christine is continually building on her skills, within our Redken Elite salon company, by staying up to date on education! She has attended many educational events by by well-known Redken Educators such as Lindsey Olsen, Hugo Urias, and founding partner and Redken Global Artistic Ambassador Sam Villa.

So your Bliss Babe homework for the week: Add some Balayage pictures to your pinterest hair board. Screenshot those red carpet looks and send them our way. Let’s paint!

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